GROUP A -- Landmark Primary Clues 2014 - Week 1, 2 and 3 Clues
(1A) Abanskaya School 3 (World Explorers) Aban, Russia -
1. It is an object of UNESKO.
2. It is landed in Europe.
3. 24°
4. It looks like a mountain
5. It has about 800 sculptures.
6. The central sculpture is marble figure.
7. It is landed in tourist village.
8. Its name looks like a second name of Indian God
9. There are about 80 columns around.
(2A) Alexander Doniphan Elem (Team Baldwin) Liberty, MO-
1. Our landmark is located between 30 and 50 degrees north latitude.
2. Our landmark is located in a same hemisphere as the 2014 Olympic Games.
3. Our landmark was destroyed once for a war.
4. I was golden white brown but now I’m bronze.
5. A station entrance bears my name.
6. Working breed.
7. The US Marine Corps celebrated their 143rd anniversary of service to our country on my “birthday.”
8. Trendy teenagers swarm around me.
9. Associated with a museum of science.
(3A) Alexander Doniphan Elem (Team McArtor) Liberty, MO-
1. Our landmark is in the northern hemisphere.
2. Our landmark covers 400 square miles.
3. Over 4,000 feet high
4. 1983 is an important date for me.
5. Located between 15 and 35 degrees north latitude.
6. I’m one of the youngest of my kind.
7. Sometimes I just need to vent.
8. I’m the largest of my kind.
9. You might see a type of goose near me.
(4A) American Community School (Team 4A) Beirut, Lebanon-
1. Slippery basaltic surfaces.
2. Large arched entrance.
3. From the inside, the entrance makes a frame of a nearby island.
4. Regular 6-sided fracture pattern.
5. Located in Northern Hemisphere at about 56°N.
6. This landmark has something to do with an uninhabited island.
7. Discovered in 1772.
8. This landmark is known as a melodious one.
9. A Felix Mendelssohn overture.
(5A) American Community School (Team 4B) Beirut, Lebanon-
1. Created at the end World War II, after a regional civil war.
2. Perhaps a name change will make it the best in the world.
3. Located in the Northern Hemisphere near 40°N.
4. Electric lighting used in 1957.
5. A host to many champions.
6. Named in honor of a president.
7. Current capacity is reached at a little over 85,000 humans, but that might change soon.
8. This landmark has its own metro station.
9. Located in the Northern Hemisphere near 40°N.
(6A) American Community School (Team 4C) Beirut, Lebanon-
1. It cost 1.5 billion US dollars to build.
2. It has an inSPIRing top.
3. It is located in the Northern Hemisphere near 25°N.
4. It was made by a Southern Korean company.
5. It is supplied with 250,000 gallons of water every day.
6. It lays claim to lots of superlatives.
7. Construction began in 2004, and it took 63 months and 14 days to build it.
8. There are more 250 miles of pipes in the building.
9. The chief architect has a great last name; it is befitting any landmark.
(7A) Bolshesosnovskaya Comprehensive (Sunny Teens) Perm Krai, Russia -
1. The name of it is connected with a very valuable substance which was even a cause of some wars.
2. It consists of two parts.
3. It is in the Northern Hemisphere.
4. It is between 57 and 59 degrees north latitude.
5. It was opened on the National Birds’ Day in the year MMVI.
6. You can put your face into one of the parts.
7. It is made of bronze.
8. People of the region have the same nickname.
9. The mentioned substance make the parts of the body bigger and red.
(8A) Cathedral St. Raymond's School (Bava307) Joliet,IL
1. 35.6361 N
2. U.S. Victory occurred on 4/12/1864
3. Is located in the same hemisphere as Cathedral of Saint Raymond School
4. Was used to hold captives
5. Was built by Confederate troops
6. 1,642 Acres of land
7. 300 Soldiers died there
8. Located along the Mississippi River
9. Used during the Civil War
(9A) Cathedral St. Raymond's School (Shemaitis106) Joliet,IL
1. 50 45'19 N
2. Northern hemisphere
3. Was in a movie from the 1920's
4. A train runs through it
5. 7 Kilometers long
6. Made of ivy
7. Lies deep in a forest
8. Near Highway 22
9. Wishes are made here -very beautiful in winter and spring
(10A) Dawul Remote Community School - Kununurra, W. Australia -
1. It is the second largest of its type in the world.
2. It is 15 square kilometres in area and approximately 60 metres deep.
3. The Smithsonian Institute found 2 new minerals here in 1963.
4. It was first recognised in 1947 during an aerial survey conducted by an oil company.
5. It is situated at the edge of a desert, approximately 150 kilometres from the nearest town.
6. There are several ancient legends told by local inhabitants to explain the formation of this landmark.
7. In 1976, the area became a National Park.
8. This landmark is situated in the Eastern hemisphere at 127°47'44?E.
9. Ancient Djaru people named this landmark, ‘Kandimala.’
(11A) Dr. A. Hrdlicky (Team Sekunda) The Czech Republic
1. I am a technical piece of work.
2. I enable connection between two biggest cities in the region.
3. I substituted 11 of my forerunners.
4. I am spinning a little bit like London Eye.
5. I am an example of Archimedes´ principle.
6. I am a tourist attraction.
7. The Monarch and the British Secret Service agent 007 are close to me.
8. 4 degrees of West longitude.
9. I overcome an obstacle which is 24 meters high.
(12A) Dr. A. Hrdlicky (Team Tercie) The Czech Republic
1.Two natural disasters struck me.
3. The near sea was sucked out and it came back again.
4. I was buried 6 meters below ground.
5. I was sleeping for 16 centuries, the same period as my neighbour.
6. I was an inspiration for a novel, a film, a TV series, a picture and an opera
7. I am lying in the same state as “The Evergreen City”.
8. 40 degrees of North latitude.
9. Pink Floyd visited me in 1971.
(13A) Eugene Field Elem. (Team Huseman-McGuire) Hannibal, MO
1. Admission is free.
2. A weather phenomena.
3. Not in the Southern Hemisphere
4. 14 meters long
5. Art professor designed
6. Cost $8,500
7. Alaska becomes a state
8. 98 degrees West
9. Newman had a vision.
(14A) Gale Elementary (Team Rush) Galesburg, IL -
1. It is in the Northern Hemisphere.
2. Much of the soil is living. It is comprised of algae, lichens, and bacteria.
3. This landmark was first made available to visitors in 1923.
4. The total size of the landmark is 30,700 hectares.
5. Latitude is somewhere between 50°N and 5°N.
6. Hundreds of species of wildlife dwell at this landmark.
7. Erosion and weathering can collapse and create parts of the landmark.
8. Was a feature of the Winter Olympics in 2002.
9. The only residence at this landmark is Wolfe Ranch, first settled in 1888 by Civil War veteran, John Wesley Wolfe.
(15A) Gymnasia 1 (Team 9B) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia
1. 55 degrees north latitude
2. Northern Hemisphere
3. Gothic architecture
4. It is one of the largest castle in the world
5. East-Slavic Kremlin
6. It was built in the 9th century
7. On its territory there is a large complex
8. Residence of the President
9. It is located on a high hill
(16A) Gymnasia 1 (Team 10E) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia -
1. It is located in the Northern hemisphere
2. It is located between 20 and 40 degrees North latitude
3. April 27, 2004
4. You can see a great light show
5. Art exhibitions
6. It is a place for rest
7. A museum of arts
8. A monument to the hero cartoons
9. It located on a coast of strait
(17A) Gymnasia 1 (Team 10H) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia
1.This object is at 30 degrees east longitude
2. Opening of the monument took place in1782.
3. This monument is the cultural heritage of the Russian Federation
4. This monument is made of bronze
5. The height of the monument is about 10 meters
6. Many newly laid flowers to the monument as a sign of gratitude.
7. Pedestal at the monument like a wave
8. The famous Russian poet dedicated poem to this monument
9. Etienne-Maurice Falconet is a sculptor of this Monument
(18A) J. Fithian Tatem Elem. (Tatem Tigers) Haddonfield, NJ
1. Our landmark is not in the same hemisphere as Mt. Heughlin.
2. Our landmark was built by two people.
3. Two parts of our landmark look similar, and one of them is 12 feet tall.
4. The population of where our landmark is located had 44 more people in 2000 than it did in 2010.
5. Our landmark is open between April 1st and October 30th.
6. One part of our landmark’s name is an onomatopoeia.
7. Our landmark is between 40°N and 50°N.
8. You will receive a full refund if you give a week’s advance notice to our landmark.
9. Our landmark’s owners received an award in 2003.
(19A) Kalachinsk Grammar School #1(iStudents) Kalachinsk, Russia
1. Eastern Hemisphere
2. Integration of fear and excitement
3. The area of natural attractions
4. You need special clothes to enter.
5. Its length equals to the length of the longest hot dog in the world
6. Inspiration for «Avatar»
7. About 40 degrees North
8. A wing suit flight was made there in 2011
9. Museum of this material is found on the island North of Venice.
(20A) Kalachinsk Grammar School #1(Funny Kids) Kalachinsk, Russia
1. It is located in the Northern hemisphere.
2. It is man-made.
3. It is made of metal.
4. It was opened in the World Year of Physics.
5. One of the versions is that it is connected with a runaway animal.
6. 56 degrees North.
7. It is located in the Armory Capital of Russia.
8. Its sponsor was a machinery plant built by an emperor.
9. It is considered to be a famous cartoon character.
(21A) Lukoyanovskaya school #2 (Team Ivantsova) Lukoyanov, Russia
1. This landmark was built in the 17th century.
2. It was raised as a watchtower for military purposes.
3. It is 58 meters high.
4. It is situated near two rivers.
5. This landmark was named after the only woman ruler of the country.
6. It is the architectural symbol of the city.
7. You can find this landmark between 40 and 50 degrees eastern longitude.
8. This landmark is located in the northern hemisphere.
9. There are a lot of legends and hypotheses connected with the construction of the landmark.
(22A) Oberthur Primary (Searchers) Bull Creek, W. Australia,
1. Eastern hemisphere
2. Break time
3. Pink
4. 1882
5. Formed down below
6. Like a kitchen bench
7. Same latitude as Honshu Island
8. Enough to feed an army
9. "Guardians of the View"
(23A) Secondary School #5 (Siberian Stars) Krasnoyarsk, Russia -
1. I am the heart of a capital in the eastern hemisphere.
2. You can find my counterparts in almost every town and city.
3. I have had different names in my history.
4. I got my present name in 1991.
5. My name means ‘an open field’ in Persian, Turkish and other languages.
6. The largest park in Kolkata bears the same name.
7.My favorite colors are orange, blue and yellow.
8.Enjoy underground shopping!
9.Beware of political rallies!
(24A) Secondary School #56 (My GloBal ChOIC(S)e) Krasnoyarsk, Russia -
1. This landmark is situated in the hemisphere, where there is the greatest country in the world.
2. This landmark came as a result of tectonic fault and has an oblong shape.
3. In the landmark flow 133 rivers but only one river flows out.
4. This landmark crosses the Arctic Circle and you can find this landmark between 92 and 96 degrees east longitude.
5. This place is located on the territory of the native population of Siberia.
6. This landmark is still poorly understood and real depth of this place is unknown.
7. This is the «heart» of Russian Federation.
8. If you translate the name of this landmark from the Evenk, it will mean «storming»
9. Scientific-sport expedition behalf of I.D. Papanin built a monument near this landmark in 1992.
(25A) St. Oswald’s Primary (The Minions) Burneside, Cumbria, England
1. 51° N
2. On the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites
3. Owned by the British Crown
4. First built around 3,000 BCE
5. Place of religious significance for druids
6. Surrounded by a circular earthwork, 300 feet in diameter
7. Tallest is 22 feet
8. 20 -30 ton outer sandstone blocks
9. 3 – 5 ton inner bluestone blocks
(26A) St. Paul School (Macombie Homies) Macomb, Illinois -
1. I can be seen in my entirety for 10, 512, 000 seconds per year.
2. The century I was formed begins with a prime number.
3. I am in the northern hemisphere.
4. I am not below sea level.
5. My latitude can be rounded up to 40 degrees north.
6. I have an international connection.
7. I can be sounded and used as a signal.
8. Even though I am solid as metal, I have been injured.
9. I have helped heal.
(27A) Okoboji Middle School (Pioneers) Arnolds Park, Iowa -
1. The indigenous people of the area named it, however its more commonly know by a
2. It’s made of sandstone.
3. The highest elevation of this landmark is 2,831 ft. (863 m) above sea level.
4. It changes color.
5. Approximately 21 species of mammal live in the area. This is a decrease from what it used to
be over the years.
6. It got its nickname in July of 1873.
7. Located in the southern hemisphere.
8. It can be found between 120’ E and 140’E.
9. It is sometimes reported that anyone who takes parts of this landmark will be “cursed or suffer