The John Muir Award at Hawse End

We went to Manesty Woods because Rhododendrons are taking over the wild. They put a poison in the soil it is called cyanide and it kills other plants.They grow massive to block out sun light from other plants and they die. We cut most of the rhododendrons and then we burnt them to a crisp. We used saws and clippers but we have to be very careful with them. Now other plants can grow peacefully.
Things we found out ... Herdwick sheep comes from cumbria.
Deciduous trees means that it loses its leaves and evergreen means they don't lose the leaves in the winter.
Theres were two groups one did something different the first group went gill scarbbleing and we went under water falls and we got to slide down a waterslide. We also got to jump in the water and the best bit was going under a gap under the road. The second group went problem solving the best of it was when we have to make the egg travel down a pipe. At the end it got broken we covered it over with leaves. And we went rockclimbing, one went canoeing. The next day we went walking up Cat Bells and I got to the top first.