"You have experiences of a lifetime ..." William

"You have fun and you learn more ..." Jack

"It is exciting so you never forget the stuff that you have learned ..." Leah

"We learn more (about the environment) when we go on school trips ..." Rosa

"Outside trips have lots more exercise and have more adventure ..." Sol

"If we went to the museum, it could supply more information than at school, while being fun and exciting ..." Kaya

"If someone said you can't go on adventures I think that would be sad ..." Rhys

"Kids should go out and discover the world ..." Melissa

"You can discover things that you would never discover in a book ..." Alex

"It's more fun and you can do paintings of where you've been ..." Emily

"School trips are memorable and you get closer to your friends ..." Lucy

"Kids should go out and discover the world and see what nature reveals ..." Georgia

"You learn facts and have fun at the same time ..." Andrew

"It can make children more interested in a certain subject because you can learn things you can't learn in a classroom or through books ..." Lydia

"It's good to get out and explore ..." Curtis

"Adventure in learning is important so we can discover new things ..." Brandon

"It isn't difficult to learn outside the classroom because it is fun and enjoyable ..." Jamie