An Article For The Global Newspaper
by Lucy, Leah and Emily

At our school we have a climbing club which meets at Kendal climbing wall every Thursday. Most of us love the Kendal climbing wall because there is lots of variety including: rope climbing and bouldering. Every week the year sixes go, but the year fives have to take turns. Some weeks we get different instructors like Matt, Dave and Tom.They were polite, funny and sensible. They are great to have a laugh with and they are very helpful.

The first time we went we started to work on our bouldering, which is climbing without a rope at a low level, but now we have worked our way up to rope climbing. Bouldering is a bit more tricky and it is harder than it looks, but once you have got the hang of it it gets a bit easier. The first time we went on the bouldering wall some places in our bodies really hurt because we haven't been on it before. We also get to choose which climbing wall we get on to.


Rope climbing is great fun and easy but it is quiet hard putting the harness on, especially if you have never put a harness on before. Then you have to do a figure of eights knot which is really hard as well . Then the person who is belaying looks at the knot and if the knot is ok. Then they are ready to climb.You have a climber and a belayer. The climber climbs and the climber wears a harness and gets to abseil down and the belayer has a belaying device and carabeener they also have a harness also like the climber. The belayer makes sure the the rope is tight on the climber because if the climber falls they can't fall as far as when the rope is loose.


Safety is the most important in climbing because then you have more fun and fewer injuries. Every week everyone gets better and better, some people even get to the top of the climbing wall which they should all be proud of themselves. Some people look down at the floor then they want to come down because they are really high up. Coming down is scary because you have to lean back and put your feet on the wall and walk down the wall.