What's It All About?

Many schools around the world compete each year in the Landmark Games. Each school sends nine clues about their chosen world landmark. These clues are released in groups of three each week. At the end of three weeks the competing teams send in their guesses/answers as to the identity of the landmarks. The team with the most correct answers wins!
Landmark Primary: Primary Clues must have at least (1) one coordinate (latitude or longitude);(2) at least 1 relevant associated date; and (3) a hemisphere-related clue.
If subject matter such as math or history is used to give clues, it should fall within the reasonable knowledge area of kids ages 8 - 11. Clues should be fact-based as much as possible. Finally, the Landmark must exist or have existed at one time in history on planet Earth.

Participating Schools Introductions

Here are the clues from all of the teams taking part this year.
Primary Clues 2012 - week 3
(1) Abanskaya School (World Explorers) Aban, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia
1. 2007, UNESKO 2. 1 ruble coin 3. A lot of poems devoted to it.
4. 33 monuments on the territory 5. Anniversary 6. Battle
7. It’s a museum now 8. Northern hemisphere 9. “And the field was found.There is a place where we can walk. We built strengthening” from poem
(2) Abanskaya School (Crazy Girls) Aban, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia
1. Nature made 2. Northern hemisphere 3. One of the biggest of its kind
4. Hydro power station 5. The Ket people and the Yugh people lived along it. 6. The maximum- 80 feet
7. the average - 45 feet 8. It’s neighbor is trans-Siberian railway 9. Navigation
(3) Abanskaya School3 (Team Vinokurova) Aban, Krasnoyarsk Territtory, Russian Federation
1 It is made by men. 2 It is situated on the island named in honor of an animal 3 It is a part of a Historical Museum now.
4 It is in the northern hemisphere. 5 Its date of birth is 1703 6 You can find it between 29 and 30 degrees east longitude.
7 First it was built to protect from enemies. 8 Its walls have 2.5 meter thick and 12 meters height. 9 In 1873 / 1934 a signal shot was made at 12 o’clock.
(4) American Community School (Team 4A) Beirut, Lebanon-
1. It is in the same hemisphere as Lebanon. 2. It was part of an ancient civilization. 3. It was used to protect a famous city.
4. It lies in a country at 44 degrees east. 5. This landmark reached its greatest fame between the years 1792 BC to 1750 BC, under the rule of a
famous leader. 6. Alexander the Great came to the country where this landmark is found.
7. They were demolished in a war in the 7th century BC. 8. Once appeared on the list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but was replaced by the
Lighthouse of Alexandria. 9. It is South of Baghdad.
(5) American Community School (Team 4B) Beirut, Lebanon-
1. Not in the Southern Hemisphere, and is composed of granite. 3. It was featured in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets.
4. This landmark took 14 years to finish; it was begun in 1927. 5. The landmark contains a vault with sixteen porcelain enamel panels. 6. Shrine of Democracy
7. Named for a long time as the Black Hills 8. Can be found at about 43°N and is 5,725 feet (1,745 m) above sea level. 9. The entire project cost US$989,992.32
(6) American Community School (Team 4C) Beirut, Lebanon-
1. It’s an unfinished structure in the Northern Hemisphere. 2. It’s located at an oasis on an arid plain. 3. It’s partially manmade.
4. It rises four stories high. 5. There are no airports nearby. 6. It was discovered in the 2nd century BC.
7. The host nation has seven (7) nations touching its borders. 8. It’s one of 93 such structures. 9. It’s located at about 38° E.
(7) American Community School (Team 5A) Beirut, Lebanon-
1 It is a city in the northern hemisphere. 2. Its name (original and still locally used) is combination of the word ‘well’ and ‘god’ in an ancient language. 3. There is an old crusader castle.
4. The Embriacos ruled the city once. 5. The city is about paper. 6. Its more well-known name is Greek.
7. It can be found around a 35 degrees longitude line. 8. It gave the Bible its name. 9. It is believed by many to be the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the world.
(8) American Community School (Team 5B) Beirut, Lebanon-
1. Constructed over a six year period and completed in 2006. 2. It is located atabout 54° Latitude. 3. It is one part of a four series sculpture.
4. It was designed by two award winning architects. 5. It is located in the Northern hemisphere. 6. This structure forms a low mellow humming sound.
7. It is three meters tall, about eleven feet. 8. Based on a 1960s television show. 9. Built to attract visitors to the countryside.
(9) American Community School (Team 5C) Beirut, Lebanon-
1. It is in Asia 2. It is used as a communication tool 3. One of its colors is red
4. It resembles a structure in France 5. One of my words is made up of 5 letters 6. It is 468 meters high
7. It attracts thousands of visitors year round 8. The top part of it contains shops and restaurants 9. It took 4 years to construct
(10) American Community School (Team 5D) Beirut, Lebanon-
1. I am located at 29 degrees North latitude. 2. I was constructed in 1645. 3. I am in the Northern Hemisphere.
4. I was struck by lightning and war once led to my destruction. 5. I am named after a mountain. 6. I was built on the site of an old landmark.
7. I am a place of peace and power. 8. I am one of the highest of my kind. 9. I joined a list in 1994.
(11) Alconbury Middle High School (Team Wilson) Huntingdon, UK
1. It is in a territory. 2. Its between tall 4,000,000 – 4,500,000mm tall. 3. It is made mostly of calcium carbonate.
4. It gained new ownership in 1713. 5. It is a militarily important dependency. 6. It is heavily protected by military guards.
7. It is in the same hemisphere as the Bermuda Triangle. 8. It is a "tied" island. 9. It is near the longitude line 5 degrees west.
(12) Alexander Doniphan Elem. (Team Arth-4) Liberty, MO -
1. Our landmark is located in the northern hemisphere. 2. Our landmark can be found between 35 and 45 degrees north latitude. 3. You can take a special tour of our landmark annually on August 23 for $200 per person.
4. Our landmark was created during the “organic” period. 5. Straight, not curved. 6. Our landmark incorporates water but is manmade.
7. The mid-1930’s is important to our landmark 8. Our landmark’s creator has landmarks in 36 other states. 9. Considered the “finest” of the creator’s designs.
(13) Alexander Doniphan Elem. (Team Arth-5) Liberty, MO -
1. Considered one the largest and most spectacular of its kind. 2. Our landmark is located in the northern hemisphere. 3. Our landmark can be found between 30 and 40 degrees north latitude.
4. The chief engineer of this landmark project has the same last name as the creator of blue jeans. 5. The 1930’s are important to our landmark. 6. Our landmark had to be approved by a war department.
7. Our landmark involves water. 8. Our landmark contains 88,000 tons of steel. 9. Bicycles and walkers are welcome!
(14) Cathedral St.Raymond's School (Team Kabellis307) Joliet, IL
1. It's between 110 and 130 degrees W longitude 2. It covers over 6 million square feet 3. It has expanded 3 times since it's creation in 1981. 4. 28 million people visit each year 5. It is worth $928 million 6. Millions of dollars in damage was suffered as a result of a severe storm 7. It's in the northern hemisphere. 8. It's the largest of its kind on its continent. 9. It has unusual attractions for the entire family to enjoy.
(15) Cathedral St. Raymond's School (Team Kabellis308) Joliet,IL
1. It's between 70 and 90 degrees W Longitude. 2. It began with a family's investment of $1,100. 3. Has grown into a multi-state operation. 4. It started as a 6ft by 12 ft trailer 5. It was remodeled in 1967. 6. It is in the northern hemisphere. 7. It's theme is "nostalgia". 8. It is the largest privately owned company in the Midwest. 9. It is considered the "Oscars" for their industry.
(16) Cathedral St. Raymond's School (Team Shemaitus 7A) Joliet, IL
1 It is a centerpiece of a garden 2 The maximum height is 30 feet/ 9 meters 3 It weighs 7,000 pounds 4 It is a sculpture and replica of something used daily 5 It was built between 1985-1988 6 The sculpture is made from aluminum and stainless steel 7 It is located in the north-western hemisphere 8 It has 40 permanent installations and several other temporary pieces that are moved in and out
periodically 9 It is one of the largest urban sculpture gardens in its country ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
(17) Cathedral St. Raymond's School (Team Shemaitus 7B) Joliet, IL
1 The deepest location in the Eath's crust 2 It is located in the western Pacific Ocean 3 It is 11 degrees 21' north latitude and 142 degrees 12' east longitude 4 It is the boundary where two tectonic plates meet 5 It is further below sea level than Mount Everest is above sea level 6 The maximum depth is 10,911m (35,798 feet) 7 It was first surveyed in 1951 by a British navy vessel 8 It is in the northern hemisphere 9 It contains over 200 microorganisms
(18) Dawul Remote Community School,Kununurra, W. Australia
1. This landmark is the largest of its type in its country. 2. 1972 is a significant date. 3. It is on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance.
4. This landmark has an area of over 1000 square kilometres. 5. It supports 150,000 water birds. 6. It provides irrigation and electricity.
7. This landmark has 12 tributaries. 8. It can be found at 128.4 degrees East longitude. 9. It is the only place in the world that a particular type of siliceous argillite is found. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
(19) Eugene Field Elem. (Team Huseman) Hannibal, MO
1. Not in the Southern Hemisphere 2. 17 meters tall 3. Man made
4. Links east and west sections 5. Ten businessmen donated $5,000 each 6. July 1979
7. Now has a connection to Hannibal, Missouri 8. "Welcome Travellers" 9. 94 degrees West +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
(20) Eugene Field Elem. (Team Oleksy) Hannibal, MO
1. Ourlandmark is located in a country that has cultural and economic diversity, butis homogeneous linguistically and in religion. 2. Our landmark is not located in the Southern Hemisphere. 3. Our landmark is 25 by 20 meters in size.
4. Ourlandmark shares a geographic coordinate with Chicago, IL 5. A coin is said to bring you back to ourlandmark. 6. Our landmark was originally a humble water outlet in the “Eternal City.”
7. Our landmark starred in a movie with a song of the same name. 8. Our landmark was finally completed in 1762. 9. Neptune rides here.
(21) Fithian Tatem Elem. (Tatem Tigers) Haddonfield, NJ
1. Our landmark has Roman Numerals on it. 2. It in-between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer. 3. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
4. Our landmark is part of a mall and a park. 5. Its latitude is 38 degrees north. 6. An important person from Fed-Ex helped to make this landmark happen.
7. The materials for this landmark came from Vermont, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Oregon. 8. On this date, but in a different year, a prince married his princess and our landmark was opened to the public. 9. $197,000,000 was raised to build and maintain this landmark.
(22) Franklin Elementary (Team Fisher) Liberty, MO
1. This landmark is a natural wonder 2. This landmark is sometimes called a gateway 3. This landmark is approximately 9 degrees north latitude
4. In on May 14, 2008 the governor of the area in which the landmark can be found climbed this landmark 5. Look for the face on the side of this landmark. 6. Historically this landmark was used for protection during tribal wars
7. Found on the same continent as the Gurara Waterfalls 8. 100 Naira 9. A monolith, a gateway, and a symbol for Abuja
(23) Gerald Ford Elem. (Team Simonsen) Indian Wells, CA -
1. It is over 200 feet below sea level. 2. Washes feed it. 3. It was created by accident.
4. It smells very bad. At times the odor can be smelled from 40 or 50 miles away. 5. It is in an Endorheic basin. 6. It is a place of death and destruction.
7. Divide 100 by 3 and you will get its latitude north of the equator. 8. It is disappearing. 9. Migrating birds use it as a resting place on their long journeys.
(24) Gymnasia 1 (Team 6A) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia
1. I am marble statue. 2. There lots of my copies all over the world. 3. Once I lost several fingers of my left foot.
4. My friend missed a muscle in her back. 5. Our school’ height is 5, 17. 6. I study at The Academy of Fine Arts.
7. One of my relative is an artist and he presented his works on 8, September, 1504. 8. I am nearly 40 N. 9. I am in northern hemisphere.
(25) Gymnasia 1 (Team 6B) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia
1. England. 2. London. 3. 1840.
4. 5.5 meters. 5. 50 N latitude. 6. 46 meters.
7. 4 lions. 8. On the square. 9. In honor of an admiral.
(26) Gymnasia 1 (Team 7B) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia
1. I am one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 2. My length is more than 6 000 km. 3. I have the towers on me in each 20 meters.
4. In ancient times I was the best road. 5. I am nearly 80 N 6. I can transmit the message along the whole country during one day.
7. Someone flied over me on winged horse. 8. BC 9. Defensive building.
(27) Gymnasia 1 (Team 8A) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia
1. I am a symbol of my country. 2. I am made from the soapstone. 3. My height is 40 meters.
4. I was made in Paris. 5. I had been built for 9 years. 6. I am located on 710 meters.
7. I am nearly 20 S latitude. 8. My weight is 1145 tons. 9. I was discovered in 1931.
(28)Gymnazium Dr. A. Hrdlicky (Team Prima) Czech Republic
1. I look like a white floe. 2. I am on the northern hemisphere, near 10th meridián. 3. I amuse people.
4. I won an international price (2009). 5. People can walk on me. 6. In my deepest point, I am 16 metres under the sea level.
7. I want to be famous like a peeled orange. 8. I was born in 2008. 9. Co-founder of my creator was Martin Roubik.
(29)Gymnazium Dr. A. Hrdlicky (Team Sekunda) Czech Republic
1. I am the largest of my kind in the world. 2. You can find me in the country which was famous for a significant event in 2011. 3. I am a tourist attraction for adults and for children.
4. I am on the same hemisphere as the capital city of the Czech Republic, near the prime meridian. 5. I was made by people but I am very close to nature. 6. I have something common with bees.
7. I am made of steel and plastic. 8. I am home of plants from the whole world. 9. There used to be a china clay mine before me.
(30)Gymnazium Dr. A. Hrdlicky (Team Tercie) Czech Republic
1. Our landmark was created not only by the nature, but also by the human being. 2. Our landmark is the symbol of the town and the region, too. 3. Our landmark can be found on the northern hemisphere.
4. You can reach our landmark not only by the car, but also on foot. 5. Our landmark is found on the 15th meridian. 6. 210 – 12
7. There is white tiger and Victoria Amazonica near this landmark. 8. After the great fire our landmark became even more famous thanks to Perret Prize. 9. Our landmark appeared on the medals in 2009 thanks to sports competitions.
(31) Kalachinsk Gymnasium #1, (Next Generation) Omsk region, Russia
1. This landmark is more than 300 meters high. 2. It is located in the northern hemisphere. 3. An English architect built it.
4. This landmark is a symbol of the city. 5. It is illuminated with multi-colored lights. 6. Staying there is very expensive.
7. 20° N. 8. It is on the island. 9. For its construction a lot of precious materials were used.
(32) Kalachinsk Gymnasium #1, (Funny Kids) Omsk region, Russia
1. This landmark is a meeting place of lovers. 2. It was opened in the same year when the photo of Loch Ness Monster was published. 3. It was destroyed during World War II, the metal was used in military needs.
4. It is a symbol of faithfulness. 5. It is on the station. 6. 35° N.
7. Two films were made about it. 8. 40 years later it was returned to its original location. 9. There are three monuments of the same kind in different cities.
(33) Kalachinsk Gymnasium #1, (Team H) Omsk region, Russia
1. This landmark is a part of a very old construction. 2. It has a lot of names but it is famous for its nickname. 3. It has an underground structure.
4. People from all over the country built it. 5. It was built by a famous ruler. 6. Approximately 30° N.
7. 1967 was important for it. 8. It was built and rebuilt several times. 9. It is less than 500 meters long.
(34) Kalachinsk Gymnasium #1, (Team E) Omsk region, Russia
1. This landmark has been discovered more than once. 2. It is rich with quartz. 3. It costs $250 to visit it.
4. It was named after the person who had found it and was been renamed some years ago. 5. Its latitude is 5oN 6. Its country is washed by the Atlantic Ocean.
7. It is in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO 8. This landmark is less than 1000 meters high. 9. This place was discovered 3 years after Chrysler Building was finished.
(35) Lafayette Regional (Team Lafayette) Franconia,NH
1. I am not a building 2. I have eyes above the clouds 3. Sometimes I change colors
4. Hopefully 15 large hippos will not visit me 5. A "Great Wall" is in my latitude's sight 6. I am in the same hemisphere as a country that is the opposite its name.
7. I would not be possible without the help of the Romans. 8. 13 degrees is my ideal temperature 9. In May 1962, my savior was tested.
(36) Manor Hill Elem. (Team Green 4) – Liberty, MO -
1. Our landmark is in the Eastern Hemisphere 2. A statue was ruined during an earthquake. 3. It was a place where you could see a view of the city.
4. In 1994 divers explored the area looking for artifacts from this landmark. 5. It is less than 400 feet tall. 6. The god Poseidon had a place on our landmark.
7. This landmark is 20 degrees east latitude 8. This tower was thought to be able to burn down enemy ships. 9. I was built to guide ships.
(37) Manor Hill Elem. (Team Green 5) – Liberty, MO -
1. It is located in the eastern hemisphere. 2. It is rainy here most of the time. 3. Country flag has 3 colors.
4. You can see 3 different landforms in this one area. 5. It is a hiker’s paradise. 6. In 1888 work began on this landmark.
7. It can be found near 40º south latitude 8. This landmark can be located inside a national park. 9. It is over 30 miles long.
(38) Narragansett Elem. (Team Batchel) Narragansett, RI -
1. Jewels have been found at this landmark. 2. Some people are making efforts to preserve this landmark. 3. The temperature at this landmark is around 78 degrees.
4. Swimming and exploring are popular activities to do here. 5. Source of freshwater 6. Bats inhabit this landmark.
7. This landmark is found between 20 and 30 degrees N. latitude. 8. This landmark is found in the western hemisphere. 9. The landmark was discovered in 1959.
39) Oberthur Primary (Team Lowe 4) Bull Creek, W. Australia,
1. Discovered 1800’s 2. Wildlife 3. Water
4. Carbon Dioxide 5. Surprise 6. Eastern Hemisphere
7. Part of the longest of its kind 8. 120 - 150 degrees East 9. Minerals
(41) St. Andrew the Apostle (Team Lynch) Romeoville, IL
1. The 1450's is when it was founded. 2. this place is found in the Southern Hemisphere. 3. the place is located at 72°32'44'W 4. It used to be a burial ground. 5. It used to be abandoned. 6. It has a ritual stone. 7. It is a Historical Sanctuary. 8. It is divided by a wall. 9. It is on the Most Endangered Sites list.
(42) St. Oswald's Primary (Ossie Owls) Burneside, England
1. Northern England 2. Anagram … Partook Cowbell 3. Grade 1 listed building
4. 5,000,000 bricks and 2,593 tonnes of steel 5. £290,000 to build 6. Constructed 14th May 1894
7. 158 metres tall 8. Designers … James Maxwell and Charles Tuke 9. 03°03'W
NOTE: Clue number 9 was added 3-5-12
(43) Rowsley Primary - (Team Rowsely) Derbyshire, England -
1: It is in the northern hemisphere 2: Some consider it to be 4000 to 10,000 years old 3: Times back, there was a sea here 4: The Luni river is here 5: one of most heavily-populated desert areas in the world 6: an area of more than 200,000 km2
7: It is near the tropic of cancer at about 30 degrees North 8: May and June are the hottest months of the year, with temperatures rising to 122 °F (50 °C). 9: About 23 species of lizard and 25 species of snakes are found here.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ End of Clues