Terry and Mary take me to a bar in Hannibal ...

... Mary makes me feel at home by cracking open a bottle of HP sauce !

Sunday 9th May 2010

Woke up disorientated and feeling slightly unwell. Mary found some Ibuprofen and I set about re-hydrating with plenty of water. Declined Mary's kind offer of a 50 minute run around Quincy. Organised some of the leaves I'd collected the previous day at Fall Creek and had a refreshing cup of coffee in the Smiths' dining room ...
Did you know there are over two dozen different types of oak tree that can be found in the US? We have about three types in the UK!

Met Mary's Mum Betty on Sunday
Betty kindly took us out for an Italian meal in Quincy (trying to remember the name of the restaurant ... Tiramisu!!! That's it!!!)

The Week in Mr Smith's Class ...

Exploring Quincy

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