Here are some pictures from last week's residential in the Lakes ... and a link to a report on our JOHN MUIR activities.
Connor: “We worked as a team. There were about six on the rope. It was really good fun and everyone loved it … that was the best school day ever!!!”
Harry: “We got to go to the amazing Hawse End Centre. It had brilliant activities. It was right next to Derwentwater, which was great for canoeing”
Hannah: “My favourite activity was ghyll scrambling … The water was coming at us like a herd of elephants! Me and Ella were laughing and screaming at the same time!”
Ellie: “Me and Ashley went down the waterfall together. When Mr Douglas went down, he got stuck. After that, I was laughing so hard I could not stop.”
Kasey: “We followed John the instructor through the rapids … it was awesome”
Joseph: “At Hawse End we did some awesome activities.”
Ben; “Last week we went to Hawse End in Keswick where we had loads of fun doing activities … it was the best week with school.”
Holly: “I woke up feeling excited. We were canoeing to Manesty Woods in the morning to do the John Muir Award. I got up and dressed in super quick time, bolted down my breakfast, grabbed all the things I needed and waited impatiently for everyone else …”
Joe: “My favourite activity was ghyll scrambling because we all helped each other and worked as a team.”
Cain: “It’s an adventure altogether!”