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St Oswald's Gardening Club
We have two brilliant teachers called Miss Smethrust and Mrs Douglas who run a club called The Gardening Club at St Oswald's School. We have been very busy growing carrots, marrows and pumpkins. There was a lot of hard work to do but we enjoyed it. Jamie and Lucy have been watering them each week. A lot of the Gardening Club members have been picking them this term and they gave the best samples to the Church auction to raise money which will go to the Bishop of Carlisle's Appeal. The rest of the vegetables we might eat or sell or make carrot soup for cold playtimes. We have enjoyed growing vegetables and some of the year 6 children, who are leaving to go on a week long residential, wish they could stay to carrying on gardening. We have had a lot of people joining garderning club and they thought it was brilliant.by Lucy

Year 6 Kids To Do The John Muir Award
As usual, the year 6 pupils at St Oswald's Primary School will be spending a week at the Hawse End Centre in the Lake District of England, participating in outdoor activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, abseiling and mountain walking. However, this year there is an additional event which will involve them in trying to attain the 'John Muir' conservation award. This will mean that they have to find a wild place to explore, conserve and then share their experiences with others after the event. So, after their week long trip which starts on 20th September, the children from Mr Humble's Class will be reporting their exciting adventures on the class wikispace which can be found on http://humbleclass.wikispaces.com ... Watch this space !!!

News from England by Mr. Humble's Classroom

=December News Sad Saga of the Flood
On Thursday 19th November the children of St Oswald's went to school like any other day, but on the way they noticed that water was everywhere! The rain was pouring down, in fact a whole month of rain fell in a day! A lot of schools in Kendal were having to close because of the weather and some children had to walk home with their shoes off and their trousers rolled up.At 10 am our teacher, Mr. Humble told us that he was phoning our parents and we would have to go home because our school dinners couldn't get to St Oswald's from Stramongate school in Kendal as the bridge in Burneside was blocked by deep water. Cars couldn't go past as the police said that it was too dangerous.There is a field near the River Kent in Burneside and the field was flooded, however the horses in the field had to be rescued or they would drown! In fact the flood was so fast flowing that after a while the police wouldn't let any heavy vehicles go through.Unfortunately some of the children's houses were flooded and because their houses were full of water they couldn't get in to their homes.After two days the school reopened but there was a lot of clearing up to do after the floods went down.By Elizabeth and Chelsea

October/November News
A Trip to a Castle A couple of weeks ago Class 4 at St Oswald's School went on a trip to Kendal castle. Kendal Castle is now a ruin and is over 600 years old. The main reason we went on this trip was to think about what it would have been like in medieval times. While we were there we did various activities such as, giving a heroic speech, drawing a sketch of the castle and taking some photos. Afterwards we painted the castle by using the sketches. It was a great day out and we enjoyed learning more about Kendal Castle. We have attached one of our paintings and photographs. ByCharlie and Rhiannon
Our Autumn Woodland Pictures Last year our oldest children in year six started a Woodland Project. Students from Sunderland came to our school to do this. The kids worked in the school grounds looking at different trees. This year our class produced a woodland picture, which took a week and a half to paint. Everyone in our class helped paint the picture, which was enjoyable to do. This picture is attached to this e-mail and was done by the kids who are in year 6 now. We are hoping to carry on our Woodland Project with some children in America.
ByCharlie and Rhiannon

September's News

Hawse End Children Reach New Heights

Hello I'm going to tell you about when we went to Hawse End which is in England's Lake District. It was the first full week of term when we went. The first day we got into two groups. We went ghyll scrambling, did problem solving, archery and some orienteering. The third day one group went canoeing and we went for a long walk. The fell we walked up was called Cat Bells. It was very hard to walk up it. When we got to the top we had our lunch. Then we went down to where the other group were and we had a turn at canoeing. It was really good fun. On Friday we went into the mini bus and off we went back to school. When we got back people were very sad because they wanted to stay there longer.
By Vanesa

At Hawse End I really liked ghyll scrambling. I was really scared at first because I thought that I wouldn't be able to do it, but I really enjoyed it. My second favourite was canoeing which was good but I really hurt my thumb. We also walked up Cat Bells (a mountain) but I'm not the kind of person that you would see climbing a mountain. It was still really good. I didn't like rock climbing because I was too scared to climb high and I never got to the top. Archery was really good but I found it hard and I was no good at aiming. Problem solving was also really good and a bit of a challenge but I loved it.
By Olivia