Hello to our new friends at Blue Mountain Middle School

Your super video link got here just after the kids had left for their half term break, so unfortunately they haven't seen it yet. We'll reply when we get back in March. Meanwhile here's a bit of background about our village, our school and the class, and I'll post more information later.
Mr Humble
Burneside ( WebLink ) has been an important site of industry in South Lakeland (Cumbria) as far back as the middle ages. The river that runs through our village is The River Kent. It runs twenty miles, from Kentmere, in the Lake District, to the sea at Morecambe Bay. During the twenty mile run, The River Kent falls an amazing two thousand feet! The river’s other claim to fame, is that it had the most working mills on it in England; twenty-three to be exact!
The only mill left in operation in Burneside is the paper mill, owned by James Cropper PLC ( WebLink ). The paper made is exported all over the world to hundreds of different countries. Every year the mill makes 52,725 tons of paper!
A visit to our local paper mill ...

The main features of Burneside are Burneside Hall, The Bryce Institute, The Church, The Jolly Anglers (which is a pub) and our school. We have four shops in Burneside; a chippy called The Jolly Fryer, a local shop and a bakery. There is also an ancient pele tower called Burneside Hall ( WebLink ). It was like a miniature castle. People used the top floor to live in and they used the bottom floor to keep their animals in. When people lived in the tower this village was called Burnside. The Bryce Institute was built in 1896 after John Bryce’s death. In 1918 the institute was used as a bath house. If you paid 3 pennies you could have only a bath, but if you paid 6 pennies you could have a bath, some soap and a towel.

The Class ...

Mr Humble's Class on their Outdoor Residential in the Lake District of England

Stuff We've Done This Week ...

We're enjoying making model bridges at the moment; here are a few examples ...HPIM0772.JPG
February 18th 2011 3:00pm

More Information To Follow ... Watch This Space !!!