The John Muir Award at Hawse EndWe went to Manesty Woods because we participated in the JOHN MUIR AWARD. THE JOHN MUIR AWARD is when you discover a piece of wildlife, explore it, do something to conserve it and then share your experiences. We went to Manesty Woods to discover some wildlife areas. To explore it we had a walk through the woods, to do something to conserve it we chopped down lots of the rhododendrons because they put cyanide into the soil and to share our experiences we are telling you. When we chopped down most of the rhododendrons we lit a fire and burned them. To cut down the rhododendrons we used saws and loppers.
We found some fungi or mushrooms.This is when we went ghyll scrambling , it was fun when we had to block the dam. It was funny when at the top of the waterfall because when you sit down after a while you get caught by the current and get rushed down.