Monday 10th May 2010

The route into Hannibal
An early start on Monday morning, with a 25 minute drive from Quincy to Hannibal. Terry organised the packed lunches for the morning's trip to MarkTwain's birthplace and then the 4th grade children were picked up from the gym after the US oath of allegiance was recited. Mrs Dudding, the Principal of Eugene Field Elementary, introduced me to the school and explained the purpose of my visit. Then we dispersed ...

The 4th Grade take me on a guided tour
On the way to the museum, I began to get to know Terry's students as they pointed out various Hannibal landmarks and asked me questions about my own school and information about England.

Outside Mark Twain's birthplace

The man himself ; Samuel Clemens a.k.a. 'Mark Twain'
At the museum the children carried out their research and enjoyed the experience of studying their local (and global) hero. In one section of the building there was an interactive display detailing the history of music in this part of the US and I had the opportunity to chat with one of the museum staff who was originally from Scotland ... a very nice lady who informed me that in the forthcoming World Cup football tie between England and the US team that she would be supporting the US (naturally!).

The nice scottish curator at the museum

The girls demonstrating their gymnastic skills during lunchtime
After finishing our visit, we ate our packed lunches in a small park by the side of the Mississippi. It was quite a chilly day, but the children didn't seem to mind and enjoyed themselves playing on the round-a-bout, running races and demonstrating their gymnastic skills ... a great opening day !

The next day ...