Amy's Story:
The Saviour of the Sea
“Are you alright, my lady?” A raven haired girl looked up at her maid. “Yes, I’m fine.” She replied cheerfully. The young maid exited the room and closed the door quietly. The woman was that of royalty; a Greek princess named Azura. She looked outside her window and sighed. She hated seeing her kingdom treat the surrounding ocean so badly; polluting it and pouring waste into its once crystal blue waters.
Azura rose from her seat and wandered out the door, her sapphire dress streaming along behind her. She arrived in the main hall, where food and water was served to the royals. The young princess selected a jug of water and carried it to her chamber.
She sat on her bed and gulped down a small amount of water, pausing to look into the clear liquid. Her cobalt blue eyes widened in shock. Inside the water she saw two dead eels, but when she reached in, she couldn’t feel anything there. With a jolt, she realised that it might have been a message from the gods.
Donning her diamond encrusted cloak, she headed towards the temple. Inside, she told the oracle what she had seen. “I believe, dear princess,” The oracle began, “That the god Poseidon is trying to speak with you.” She looked at Azura with ancient wisdom; she obviously knew more than she was telling. “Go to the Crystal Cave, summon the Moon Crystal. Poseidon will tell you what he wants there.” Azura bowed in respect for the old woman.
Azura wasted no time in commencing the journey to the Crystal Cave. On her way she collected four smooth pebbles; they would be important for the ritual later.
Soon enough she encountered a large cavern opening. The young princess stepped in; pausing for a brief second to glance around, this was only the second time she had been to the Crystal Cave; the other time was when she turned ten, she had to come here to pray to the gods. Now she was here to speak to a god. She placed the stones down in a cross shape and kneeled down into a prayer position.
All at once the cave started to glow a pale blue colour, so bright that Azura had to close her eyes to block out the light. A large, gleaming gem emerged from the rocky ground. Above it was a faint outline of the great god Poseidon. “Azura, you have come.”
“Yes, I have. What do you want to tell me?” Azura shivered yet felt safe in the icy blue gaze of the god. “Your people, they throw their dead animal skins, their waste and many other things into my ocean. It is now your duty to protect it.” The princess nodded and looked deeply into the crystal, focusing her thoughts on saving the ocean. The gem suddenly glowed teal and Azura found herself back in her chamber. She looked outside and saw the ocean, all was well. She had saved the sea.

Harry's Story:
The Best Day Of My Life
Suddenly, I tripped over something. It was a tree root. I was running to Oxenholme Lake District train station (it’s by the River Kent, which was unusually high.) I was going trainspotting for the whole day then. This was lovely for me because I like trains. I arrived at the train station when I heard a bizarre noise. I didn’t know what it was then. But I realised it was a ticking sound. I went to investigate it. Then I knew what it was, A TIMED BOMB!
I knew I had to defuse it. But I didn’t know how to because I wasn’t skilled at the job. I use to work in a bomb defusing department but I was sacked. Then I lost the talent of defusing bombs. I am CRAZY! Anyway, back to the story. I still had my defusing gear. It had an instruction booklet, which was useful. I followed the instructions for my first attempt at the defusing the bomb, but then I read a notice on it: WARNING! NUCLEAR TIMED EXPLOSIVE! DO NOT TOUCH! THOSE notices made me jump back a mile. I could see inside it. It had 2,000 pounds of nuclear material inside. I snapped it open and saw LOADS of wires. Then, I saw yet another notice, TO DEFUSE, SNAP RED WIRES. Then I set about defusing it for the first time. I counted exactly 200 red wires. Now THAT’S a lot of wires.
In 1 hour I snapped 150 of them. In the next 30 minutes I snapped an extra 49 wires. So 150+49=199. Then I snapped the final wire, or at least I thought I did. Instead of snapping a red wire, I snapped a BLUE one! An alarm went off. Then it repaired itself. After that I went out onto platform 1and waited. The ticking noise came back. It was bugging me so much that I was about to pop. SO, I went down to defuse it, AGAIN! My 2nd attempt. I went down there, snapped the bomb open, and snapped 199 red wires. Then I snapped the wrong wire, AGAIN! Instead of a snapping a red wire, I snapped a BLACK ONE! The bomb went BALLISTIC, repaired itself and went back to normal.
This time, I went onto platform 2. Guess what? THAT noise came back again. So I went down there to defuse it. Finally, I was successful. And I saved 250 passengers. So I caught my train to Crewe train station which was where I was going trainspotting for today. I saw: 35 Pendolinos, 28 Super Voyagers, that’s 63 Virgin trains, 29 Intercity 125s, 50 freight trains, 47 Trans Pennine express trains and just 4 steam trains. So that’s 198 trains in total. Then after a year, everyone heard about me and the timed bomb so I became famous overnight. Every day I had news reporters coming round to my house and ask me questions like “where was the incident?” or “how did you defuse the bomb?”

Cara's Story:
Hi. I think you’re wondering who I am. Well, I’m from the UFAA (Unusually Freaky Animal Agency.) I know it sounds stupid, but just keep reading. At the moment, I’m on a top secret mission.
Something is out there and, even though I'm not actually that brave, I shall find what it is. By the way, my name is Harriet.

So far, my witness, Mrs Muddles, is droning on about it being the school cook who is mad and crazy. I know this because she thinks that she is Harry Potter. (If you don’t believe me, just come to St Hearts School and far away you will hear someone screaming “Come and play Quiddich fellas!”)

A few bits of evidence is all I’ve got. Most of it is rubbish, like a small bit of grey hair. And there seemed to be something the shape and shade of a thing I really do not want to mention.(Well, I guess I have.) Here we go again; another case for me to solve. I have such a hard life. Sigh. Sigh. SIGH. SIGH!!!!!!!. OK, so maybe you don’t feel as sorry for me as I thought. There is one bit that makes sense. I have found footage of a huge grey blob clomping about in the corridor and eating numerous random objects. I know what you’re thinking. I’m an idiot. But that’s what I saw. And I do not lie. What should I do?

So, I have an idea. I’ve found out that the ‘blob’ comes every night at 8:00 exactly. So I will keep looking for evidence until I have enough to know what it could be. Then, that night at 8:00 I will go and see what it is. I’m going to start now. What could these clues add up to? Well, I need to know who has grey hair round here. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr…I will just have a look out the window. OK, there are a lot of people with grey hair. I wonder who would do the ‘thing’ on the floor… AN ANIMAL!!!!!!!! Just the case for me!!!!!!!!

Well, rhinos are grey and elephants are grey, but there’s no zoo around here. Well there are still birds but how are they meant to get inside. Well I should just go to school tonight. I know that its skipping ahead, but it’s all I can do.

I’m on my way to school. I’ve found a few footprints. It funny, they look like hoof prints… never mind. OK, I’m at school and I’ve seen a bush outside to hide in. I can see something coming down the lane I’ll go inside to wait for it. The thing seemed a bit to big to fit inside the school. Now I’ve just seen how it gets in. It smashes windows. Oh no, its coming in! Hide! Its huge! And its just eaten the schools prize cup!!!!!And its eaten my football boots!!!! That’s it!!!!! I’m solving this case once and for all!!! It’s a DONKEY!?????????

Joseph's Story:

This is the story of a mouseling but not any old mouseling...

There was once a mouse, Moe The Mouse, his mum and dad died when he was born he became homeless and to survive he ate peoples food. That may not sound so bad, but it was the guilt surged through him in every bite. In his spare time he gambled by doing noseball and running to get peanuts and he was quite good at it. But he only ever got a minutes worth per gamble but obviously didn't win every time, otherwise he wouldn't be a street mouse and plus didn't gamble much anyway.

He slept in fruit or vegetable crates with the risk of being took to someone’s house so one night Moe settled down in an apple crate but woke up staring at a white ceiling. Then he got the scare of his life he heard a loud meow. He looked over the top of the crate and saw the biggest tom cat he’d ever seen. He flew backwards out of the crate and ran to the cat flap. The tom cat saw him and leaped after him he burst through the cat flap and then…

He landed on the patio he sprinted to the nearby meadow when he was sure he had lost the cat he lay down in a patch of grass. Suddenly a voice awoke him he looked around him there was no one there, the voice spoke again I’m up here Moe looked again clutching to a long piece of grass was a humongous field mouse he’d ever seen.

His name was Harry.

Do you like my home? Yes said Moe said. I like climbing to exclaimed Moe.

Do you want to go for a swim? Asked Harry. Moe said thank you said Moe best be of I’ll drop in whenever I pass by. When Moe got back to the streets he felt different after seeing Harry’s cosy underground house he felt he needed an upgrade from a fruit and vegetable crate.

Olivia's Story:
Olivia's Adventures
It was a beautiful day but it was too hot to play outside so Olivia went to her playroom. She passed one door that she had never seen before. Olivia wondered what was in there so she opened the door and BANG the door slammed shut she was so scared she could not move. Suddenly the room started to spin faster and faster. Then there was a sudden stop. She just realised she had been in a teleporter! Nervously she stepped out of the machine and looked around. Everything was different, she rubbed her eyes and looked again but it was the same. When two months had passed she
got used to it, but some strange things started to happen. Someone was messing with her; Getting her into a lot of trouble. And her future mum and dad blamed her for everything.

One day when Olivia woke up he was at it again... Her mum and dad were shouting her name from the bottom of the stairs; “Olivia, Olivia come downstairs would you”. So she got up and went downstairs to see what was the matter. When she got down her mum and dad explained everything to her; she was gobsmacked! She said that the mayor came to visit but when he sat down he got glued to the chair and a bucket of water fell on his head. Olivia asked who it was, and yes you guest it she blamed her for everything, AGAIN! The next day she went to find her mum, even though she
was still mad at her.

It had been a long day and Olivia was very tired and was just about to go to sleep when there was a sudden BANG!!! She got up with a start and rushed downstairs to see what had happened this time. But when she got downstairs she was surprised to see that a chicken had knocked over the biscuit tin and now it was rooting around for corn. Then surprisingly the chicken said “bock bock I'm a chicken bock bock.” I tried to call my mum but every time I tried to pick my phone up it just floated up and out of my hand. I was so confused.

Katelyn's Story:
The story that never ended
This story starts when I was ink in a pen suddenly I was picked up what will I write today? I thought. I was pleased in a warm hand that rocked me back and forth. There was some writing, it read:
There once was a little girl that had a book this was not any ordinary reading book because it never ended. It was about a little boy that never stops having adventures everyone had a different meaning.
She kept writing and writing until it took up all of the book but that wasn’t all she kept with it until her mum came up stairs and mumbled “are you writing dear?” I chuckled “What do you think I’m doing lining up for an ice cream? Actually I’m writing a story about a little boy that has mysterious adventures that no one knows about” “when did you start this?”
“About 2 hours ago” “I’d better let you get on with it see you later.” said my mum.
The next morning I took it to school Mr Donald (Ronald Donald) read it. “How long did it take you to write this?”
“It took about 3 hours”
“WOW!” my teacher exclaimed. “ you should get it published”.
“did he really say that” “of course he did I wouldn’t have told you would I”
I went to school my teacher was waiting for me he said that he had informed Mr Red Fox.
“you need to be ready for this he can get a bit angry if you are rude”
“well done I am proud of you I am glad you are my daughter”
When I got there he was waiting for me and said that when he was told he was shocked and my mum couldn't hold back the tears and out it came. Then without any warning my mum said “ You can come in”
“who are you talking to mum” I muttered
“look” and in came my nan and gran dad
“were did you come from” I said shocked
“ as soon as your mum told us we wanted to come and see you”
Suddenly the publisher came out of the room and said “I have published the book and the book is here
“can I see it”
“yes here you go” and he handed it to me
They took it off me everything was covered in my story I looked at my family and then started crying my mum looked at my grandparents and said “look what you've done”
“it is not your fault”
“yes it is”
after all the coincidence I had my tea and then went to bed.
I went to school and when I got there there was a book it was my book and now this is going to be a life time dream. Life is a wonderful thing for me I said and that was the end of the story of my life and the book that never ended.

Ellie's Story:
Dog with a blog
Today was my first time at my new house if you didn’t know already I’m a dog. Which I was going to start my blog with how my owners found out I talk. Yes I can talk and I’m going to tell you further on in the story; any ways it all started when the kids were fighting, what a surprise….

The sensible one is called Jasmine: the other goofy one is Archie last of all is Minnie she’s a the trouble maker. Well they all are really, but she’s the most likely to make trouble. Anyways let’s carry on. Their dad Ren and his wife Ellen were fed up with them fighting and fighting (well you probably get the idea) then finally Ren said something “Ellen we should really do something like I don’t know get a dog” she looked at him like he was the most weirdness person ever to live on the planet.

“No! Ren not a dog anything but a dog!” Ellen yelled. “Honey come on, all Jasmine talks about is a dog and anyways it will be the kids who look after him. Not us and then they won’t fight.” He told her calmly. ”ok...ok we will get a dog”

“Hey listen mum and dad are being very quiet.” Jasmine told Archie and Minnie.

“Yeah maybe they’re at the super market or something.”

“Kids come down stairs we’ve got you something!” Ren shouted. The kids looked at each other and raced to the stairs, like a bunch of savages. “Wow a dog a dog a dog!” Screamed Minnie. Wow I was right for once in my live they like the dog thought Ren; and this is how I was introduce in the family. Day two, Jasmine was in the kitchen about to feed me (yes!!!) “Here you go Charlie kibble with beacon sauce” yes I’m already part of the family and now bacon sauce thought Charlie. But just when I was going to get my food Archie came barging in

“Jasmine! What are your geek friends doing in the family room the cheer leaders are coming over soon!” shouted Archie. Jasmine looked at him like a wolf changing his Alfa. “Yeah well you always have cheer leaders over and it’s my turn in the family room!” she shouted intensely. Food yes food thought Charlie but it had been like ten thirteen minutes. Then he couldn’t help it “give me the FOOODD!” he shouted annoyed, Jasmine and Archie looked at him shocked and mouth-open. “You … you can talk?”

“Yes I can” he spoke intense and worried. Then Archie stopped starring and said calmly

“If you can talk why didn’t you tell us that you can talk or something?” Charlie had the expression as if he had regretted saying anything. Jasmine continued to carry on her sentence. “How can you talk? Never mind we will sort this out later on.” Steve I told you not to wear that. Anyways that’s the end bye until next time folks.